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Budget For The Perfect Ring

The time has come, and you are sure she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You're filled with excitement and are ready to pop the question. The only thing left is to get the perfect ring.
You want to get get the desires if her heart, but you have to do what’s best for both of you. After all, you will soon be planning a wedding. It’s very important to keep in mind what she wants, and what you can afford. So, this is your woman, you are familiar with her style and expectations. Her ring should reflect her style and what you love about her. 

However, if you love the white gold setting and she loves yellow gold, her desires trump yours. You want her to wear the ring, love it, and know that you’ve been paying attention. Now if you have no idea what she wants, and are not sure where to start, that’s ok. You are not alone. This is where a close family member or good friend of gets comes handy. Be sure you pick one who is able to keep a secret.
You’ve equipped yourself with the knowledge of what she wants, next is your budget. Before you pick a number to stick to, do some research. Learn about how much diamonds are costing at that time. Look closer at the ones that she has her eyes on. Once you’ve educated yourself, set a budget that will allow you to fulfill her dreams and not break the bank. You want to be comfortable in this process and satisfied with your choice, and confident that she will love it.