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Spring into Diamonds!


April is finally upon us! Showering us with what is undeniably the most adored and sought after of all birthstones! Diamonds!

If only we could all be a lucky April baby, but either way, wearing the most precious of gems this month is a sure way to get in on the fun. Synonymous with love and luxury, diamonds add class and sophistication to just about any ensemble or occasion. Yet beyond the surface beauty of this wondrous gem, lies an unquantifiable value that will never get old.

Circa 1912, the diamond became a symbol of opulence for April babies everywhere, but for centuries it has been widely acclaimed for its magical powers and worn alternately with other gems throughout the year to strengthen and complement them.

While Indian royals believed diamonds were the key to everlasting life, Greek warriors wore diamonds on their breastplates for protection in battle. To this day, wearing a diamond neckpiece against your chest is done in homage to this protective benefit. And according to legend, wearing a birthstone during its designated month heightens its healing and protective ability. In this way, there truly is no better time of the year to shine bright like a diamond!

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