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Amethyst: Simply Awesome!

Amethyst is a fascinating gemstone, renowned throughout the world, and the one stone people think about when they think of a purple stone.

Amethyst, a beautiful variety of quartz, is available for everybody to wear and was praised by Leonardo da Vinci for enhancing intelligence. From the Greek word for "intoxicated," methustos, amethyst was said to prevent drunkenness. If amethyst was under the tongue while drinking, then the sobering powers were more effective.

Amethyst jewelry - Prevented drunken behavior, or so it was believed… Don't you agree that it would be convenient for a 21st birthday?


With that anecdote aside, amethyst used to be on the level with the Big Three: ruby, emerald, and sapphire. It remained reserved for royalty and the wealthy until miners discovered a vast deposit in Brazil in the 17th century. This discovery made amethyst plentiful.

These elegant stones are for everybody! Isn't that great? 


The beloved purple, according to Greek myth, came from the wine god Dionysus. In reality, iron impurities cause a luscious wine-like color. What makes amethyst standout is how the color distributes throughout the crystal. The top of the amethyst has the most concentrated amount of purple, and as your eye travels to the base, the color is from the palest shade of lavender to almost nonexistent. This specimen from the Smithsonian is a prime example of amethyst's vibrant color dispersion.

Pretty just the way it is!


The paler versions of amethyst have a variety of names: lilac amethyst and Rose De France are among several titles in the market. No matter how rich or dark the saturation is, don't leave amethyst out in the sun for an extended amount of time. The color will fade, and we can all agree; nobody wants that to happen. These heart earrings (check them out here) are a lovely example of how elegant lightly colored amethyst can be.

Amethyst crystals can be found in Brazil, North America (the US and Canada), and Zambia. Giant specimens come from Brazil, and, technically, quality color comes from Africa. Either way, no matter where your amethyst comes from, it is a beautiful crystal with centuries of adoration in its rich history.