Sparkling Citirne, Moijey!

What’s surprising about citrine is that it is one of rarest varieties of quartz in the world. The warm and vibrant orange colors are an unusual occurrence in nature. Iron oxides cause the warm citrusy hues of citrine. In fact, the name citrine comes from the French word, citron, meaning lemon. You cannot go wrong with a gemstone named after a beloved fruit.


Look at the undiminishible orange of all this Citrine at the Smithsonian! Aren't they wonderful?

Aren't these specimens beautiful? People can enjoy citrine in all kinds of orange colors.


The majority of citrine that is out on the market today is technically unattractive amethyst crystals that have gone through heat treatment to achieve the bright yellow to orange hues. How saturated the hue is in amethyst determines the bright colors of citrine. The greatest benefit of this procedure is that it makes citrine available to everyone in all kinds of price ranges. Like this bezel set necklace, for instance.


This sterling silver bezel necklace with a sweet citrine is a wonderful gift for the November baby in your life.


Recently, we had a client order this citrine ring for her mother’s birthday. The center citrine has a checkerboard pattern and accent diamonds surrounding the stone. The center stone has a bright and crisp honey color. Isn't it lovely?


One of our clients bought this for her mother's birthday. A wonderful gift, don't you agree?


Citrine is a lovely alternative for both topaz and yellow sapphire.Before modern gemology, citrine and topaz were often confused with each other due to their honey color similarities. There are gems called either topaz quartz or citrine topaz. Frankly, we suggest that you avoid gems that have these names or similar. They’re lying!

Natural citrine can be found in Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, and Uruguay. Brazil is the largest supplier of amethyst that can be heat treated to produce the citrine that is readily available. 

November has been a crazy time for all of us here at Moijey. Now we're getting ready for December and the anticipated holiday season. 

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