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Size Is Secret

You’re anxious and ready to go shopping; you want everything to be perfect. But wait, do you know her ring size? It is important to remember that rings are not one size fits all. We know you don’t want to spoil the surprise, so here are some suggestions on how to get it without being caught!

Ask Her
There are many ways to be smooth about this method. You can pretend that you want to purchase a gift for a family member with similar size hands to her. Be sure to use someone who would not ignite any suspicion. You can go as far as purchasing an inexpensive ring as the supposed gift and have her try it on to make sure the ‘gift’ will fit. Another option when asking her is to compare her hands to yours and make a light-hearted joke about her finger size, guess something you know is wrong, and causally lead to a conversation about what the actual size is.

Employ a friend
This friend must be a trusted confidant. You don’t want anyone to spoil the surprise. Sometimes women discuss their ring sizes with one another in preparation for this very moment. So all you have to do is ask. However, if that wasn’t the case, it should be no problem getting the right person to find the information. The friend can ask nonchalantly or suggest that they go engagement ring shopping for fun. Once she has been sized professionally, the information can be fed back to you!

Take A Piece of Jewelry
Does your lady own and wear rings already? Be sure to pay attention to which ones she wears on her ring finger. Observe her routine on which ones she wears when or the days that she does not wear them at all. Plan accordingly to snag it, but not for too long so she won’t notice. If you can’t get a ring finger ring, try one of the others and bring it in. An approximation can be made.

Make an outline
Feel that taking her ring is too risky? That’s fine; make an outline. When she isn’t around sneak into her jewelry box, have a paper and utensil to trace. Trace the inside and make sure a significant impression has been made.

Now you know your lady well. Choose a method that you know you can pull off without a hitch if she is already suspicious use extra caution. If one method doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged, try another!