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For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the holiday highlight of spring, as warm feelings of appreciation freshen up our hearts for the woman who nursed and nudged us to become who we are today. Memories of her warmth should fill us as we shop to find the exact expression of our sentiment. But the reality is that Mother's Day has to be the runner-up for the most anxiety-inflicting holiday when it comes to buying the perfect gift for one of the most important women in our lives.

The goal? Find something that expresses a lifetime of gratitude and an eternity of thanks, all wrapped up in one gift. The pressure is real! No matter how close you are to your Mother, the truth is that we simply don't all know those intricate details like clothing size and favorite color, go figure. And in an age where gift cards and flowers are more like side dishes, today's ideal gift needs a little more staying power than dinner for two; you want the gratitude to linger a bit, to be a glistening reminder to her, a brilliant sparkling memory.

The relationship with your Mother is forever, an eternal and unbreakable bond; her love never fades. Get her the gift that matches her love, unfading and unbreakable, and diamonds are forever!

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