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Diamond Wedding Rings: A Timeless Symbol of Black Love


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Since the beginning of time, cultures from around the world have used wedding bands, in various materials and styles, to symbolize the blissful union of two hearts bound by love. With a wide variety of jewelers across the region, searching for the perfect diamond wedding band throughout DC, Maryland & Virginia can become quite the adventure!

Options to Consider When Searching for Diamond Rings 

Whether you’re looking for a classic women’s band or men’s diamond rings, remember that most rings & sets come in various shapes, sizes and colors offering you the freedom to express your love in your own unique style! There are no hard fast rules when it comes to choosing something that speaks to you.

To accomplish an understated, more conservative look, you should choose a band or set that is made mostly of metal. If you like to shine bright like Rih-Rih, you may like the idea of an eternity band covered completely in diamonds. 

Along with the color, cut, clarity and total carat weight of diamonds included in your design, the setting you choose also influences the overall look and value of your ring. You’ll want to choose a setting that fits both, your personal style and your lifestyle merging functionality, beauty and comfort for a winning combo.

Common Ring Setting Options

A traditional prong setting is most commonly used and allows the most light to pass through when compared to other styles, adding to the stone’s brilliance and natural beauty. This style setting typically has four to eight metal prongs securing your stone(s) making this a highly secure option. However, you should be aware that these prongs are prone to snagging clothes, fabrics and hair. Express caution when wearing prong style jewelry.   

Another popular look is the channel setting, most commonly used in men’s fashion, wedding and anniversary bands. This style couples a modern aesthetic with sturdiness as each stone is nestled securely in its own hollow of metal. Loose stones may fall free from the channel setting so it's ideal to get your rings cleaned and inspected at least twice yearly to check for damage and loose stones. Most jewelers offer this service complimentary. 

Once you have narrowed down your preferred style and setting, you’re that much closer to finding your dream ring! A final key element is choosing the right fit and level of comfort. 

Picking the Best Fit for You

When selecting a ring you plan to wear for extended lengths of time, fit and comfortability are important for both men and women. Since no two hands are alike, proper sizing is a must! Knowing the wearer’s size beforehand can make for a better experience and save you money in the future.

If you plan to purchase a ring as a surprise, a close friend or relative may be able to help you figure out the right size. Even better, they may have access to “loan” you a ring that the person you’re gifting usually wears. Ideally, this would be a ring worn on the same finger and same hand or same finger of the opposite hand. 

*Pro tip It's important to note that though human’s hands are typically symmetrical, they are usually not identical meaning there may be slight size differences in your respective fingers for each hand. 

Adding That Unique Twist…

Choosing your ideal wedding set is about fusing two unique styles into a symbol of your extraordinary bond. Black-owned jewelers such as offers a diverse selection of jewelry options curated to highlight your history and celebrate your culture. Break away from the norm and show the world who you are!  Shop Moijey Diamonds to find your perfect piece and your perfect fit.

Express yourself without limits!

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